Representing your country is a big deal and playing for your country is one of the highest accolades any sportsperson can achieve. The Great Britain Men's senior team that represents the United Kingdom in the IIHF Inline World Championships event is independent. We receive no funding from the UK domestic leagues and finance ourselves through player and staff contributions. This means that a player who wants to play for their country has to pay toward the privilege. That simply isn't how we want it to be.

We have great raw talent among the ranks of the young people who play our game in the UK and we want to help keep them interested in our sport and involved in a fantastic team environment by giving them that clear goal: giving them the opportunity to represent their country at the highest level and excel in their game.

The GB Team is that opportunity.

We can give these young players an opportunity to play and compete for the equivalent of their World Cup, their Ashes, their Six Nations, their Gold Medal.

We provide a professional approach to team operation both on and off the rink in order to make competing for GB the ultimate privilege and the fitting reward for their efforts in becoming an elite sportsman.

That we compete in a minority sport does not make it any less important to the thousands of young players who aspire to achieve within it. Any help, however small, can make a big difference.  

I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you in the near future.

Rene Ross
Team Manager
Team Great Britain Inline Hockey
M: +44 (0)1256 323260


Our ambitions to progress as a team see us helping to develop the young players of today who will be the seniors of tomorrow. We presently have to charge players to feature in our junior development camps. By supporting the GB team we can reduce the cost of these camps, provide more of them and help develop tomorrow's talent today.


We want to place the GB programme in a position that sees people follow its progress. We pride ourselves on our professional approach and throughout the year we distribute news releases that are featured in the hockey media raising awareness of the team. We know player awareness of our programme could be better and our new website, soon to go online at is designed be a first port of call for players young and old to find out what's happening with the national team. We want to promote this site, and this sport, and your support will help us to do that.


We aim to reward our sponsors with the knowledge that they are making a big difference in the lives of the young people who aspire to achieve in our sport. After tens of hours a week working hard on the rink, the cost of playing hockey both physically and mentally is draining. Having a well funded GB team that can provide the highest level of support and competition to its players is key to keeping that player in the game. By contributing to the national team you will help us make the trip to the World Championships as inexpensive as possible.