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World Championships 2013

08/06/2013 Game 6 Gold Medal Game

Austria 1 Great Britain 5

Team GB performance in this game sent a message again to the Pool A teams they will be playing against next year.

The game started very cagerly with Austria out shooting GB 11 to 3 however many of these shots were low percentage shots and on the occasions were they were decent shots James Tanner in net was equal to the task.

It was not until 14:22 that the first goal was scored by Rob Shelton who tapped in the puck after Phil Hamer skated at speed down the boards and wrist shot the puck goalward this shot was only partially stopped by the Austrian netminder and Rob Shelton was skating down the slot and put the puck away into the net the second assist went to Karl Niamatali, Austria got their one and only goal of the game whilst on the powerplay @ 22:46.

The two teams went into the half time break with a goal apiece, however during the second period of the game team GB looked the more settled of the two sides.

In the second there was not much to bother the game scoresheet person apart from the lone goal @ 25:05 which was scored by Alex Pearman, this goal was created by Danny Hutchinson who skated the puck across the floor to the right side and drew two Austrian players with him he then made a stick to stick pass between the two players and onto Pearman's stick who put it into the net on the far side.

Team GB entered the final period with a narrow one goal lead but that was not how it was going to end, the next goal came from Kurt Waller who stormed up the court from the centre line on the left side he then made one the slickest moves of the game and passed the puck between his own skates and the cut back across as the Austrian defender floundered looking for the puck and stuffed the puck under the Austrian netminder assists for this goal went to both of the Clarkson brothers.

The next goal which really saw the end of Austria's chances was yet another one for the highlight reel Phil Hamer skated the puck up the boards and made a pass to an unchallenged Rob Shelton who played the puck with his skate onto his backhand whilst turning so when he put the puck into the roof of the net he was actually facing his own goal.

The last goal of the game came after Danny Hutchinson skated up the wing and drove towards net whilst his linemate Alex Pearman gave the Austrian defensemen someone else to think about, however Danny simply wrist shot the puck past the netminder.


This team has many indivdual stars however this squad is all about the team, hence it is no shock they are back up into A pool. This team has everything a team needs to be successful. There is an old saying there is no I in team but if you look closely you will see a Tanner, Birch, Finney, Hutchinson, Pearman, Walsh, Hamer, Hallam, Glover, Waller, Clarkson, Niamatali, a Viney and a Shelton




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