2011 WC Game Report

Game 2 20 June 2011

Great Britain 7 vs Austria 3

Today Great Britain made history by beating Austria for the first time at the inline world championships, however the result was not the best thing about the game, the best thing was the way the win was accomplished, GB controlled the game throughout whether they had the puck or not, coach Andrew Silitoe said after the game “today two good hockey teams played each other however one team made the other look mediocre”

The scoring for the game started with John Dolan who wrist shoted the puck onto the netminders pads and into the back of the net post side, he was assisted by Nathan Finney. This looked like it was a simple dump which the netminder should have stopped coach Silitoe's comment was “I don't mind how we score as long as its in the back of the net” In the game of hockey you sometimes need a bit of luck to win a game, however today GB did not need any luck.

The second goal came again from the same line as the first scored by Phil hamer assisted by Dolan and Finney whilst GB were on the powerplay this was the first time Phil Hamer came out of the penalty box to receive a pass from Dolan and then skated in and across goal and backhanded it past the Austrian netminder. GB were on the powerplay and they made it count.

The third goal was a solo effort from John Dolan

The fourth goal came from the stick of Karl Naimatali ably assisted by Alex Pearman¸ their lines workrate alone meant they were due a goal.

Austria then scored their first goal @ 22.47 and went into the half time break 4 :1 up

Austria got another goal on the powerplay just three minutes into the next period, in years gone by that would have meant it was anyone's game especially when they scored their third goal whilst short handed to make it 4:3, however that was the final goal for Austria, GB pushed the game a little harder and scored there next goal under a minute later whilst on the powerplay with Walsh putting aaway the puck assisted by Finney and Hamer, GB's next goal came from Hamer from a pass from Pearman.

Dan Hutchinson came off the court annoyed with the team for taking penalties, his frustration was vented in the best way as he went on the next shift and scored the final goal assisted by Pearman and Niamatali.

Great Britain showed the character and ability it will take to win the gold in this game.