Team Great Britain In-line Hockey

Great Britain - Germany

Promotion Game
Thursday 1st July 2010

Germany took a quick lead at one minute and forty-two seconds into the game, Germany scored a second at 2:59. Great Britain could have easily put their heads down and given up there and then, however that's not in the nature of this squad it only egged them on do better. Great Britain settled down and started playing the controlled hockey they can play, at 5:11 there work paid off when the line of Finney, Hutchinson, Moses and Hamer scored yet another quality pass it round goal, the goal was scored by sniper Hutchinson assisted by Moses and Finney. Great Britain truly settled down into the gameand kept up with the much experienced German team.

Great Britain's powerplay was working well however the failed to score mostly due to Germany's hard work defending. The first half ended 2:1 to Germany near the end of the half it became apparent that Germany could not keep up with the young brit's skating and all the German players looked tied and frustrated. In the second half of the game it was pretty much the same as the first with neither team dominating play

The next goal did not get scored until 42:01 by Germany restoring their two goal lead. The GB player's heads could have easily dropped at this time but again this goal only seemed to urge the players on. At 46:37 GB scored their second goal scored by Alex Pearman assisted by Hamer . Great Britain could not break the German strangle hold of the game in the dying minutes of the game and it ended 3-2 to Germany.