Team Great Britain In-line Hockey

Exciting New Look for Team GB
New Logos and Jerseys Unveiled

The Great Britain Inline Hockey Team has revealed their exciting new look logo and jerseys ready for the upcoming IIHF In-Line World Championships. The new look logo and lion brand have been in the pipeline for several months as the team looks to establish their own individual identity and help promote the Great Britain IIHF national team as a motivating factor for the thousands of inline hockey players in the UK.

The new Lion Shield logo was designed by James Reekie of Cr-Eative Design in consultation with the Great Britain Team management with a view to creating a strong visible identity based on the standout logos often encountered in North American sports.

The new logo includes a standout Lion emblem with a shield crest incorporating two bronze stars signifying the two Division One titles won by the GB team in 2004 and 2006. The crest also features four inline wheels representing the four wheels of the traditional inline hockey skate but also the four provinces of the United Kingdom. A lion logo on its own and a third retro shield have also been designed.

“In my initial research when starting the concepts, the first sports logo that sprang to my mind and stayed planted there was the Detroit Redwings logo,” says Reekie. “It's classic and yet contemporary whilst being minimal and dynamic, all things that I wanted to achieve in the Great Britain logo.

“Designing for the Great Britain Inline Hockey team, or indeed any national organization, doesn't allow you a lot of colour options however this situation I found quite liberating as it allowed me to concentrate on line and form without going through the usual headaches over choosing colour swatches.

“Working closely with David Hawkins from my initial concept sketches we decided to develop 3 main designs. A circular team logo linking nicely with the wheeled aspect of inline hockey, a shield design and a Lion head character design.

Over the various proof stages the designs developed to include many of the elements integral to inline hockey. Sticks and wheels of various shapes and sizes came and went as well as the addition of two stars representing the two gold medals won by the team to date.

“The biggest challenge for me was to give the Lion's head the right
balance of colour, dynamic line and exaggeration to give the desired effect. We must have gone through twenty odd lion heads before choosing
the final design with an addition of a gold colour giving the design
classicism, presence and, well, bling!”

“I hope the logos will stand the test of time and I left some space on
the designs to add some more stars!”

“We’re delighted with the work that James and his company have put into this design,” said GB Team Manager Dave Hawkins. “We feel we have achieved with this logo what we originally set out to achieve and that is an identity that sets us apart from the ice hockey world and also gives some more publicity and further credibility to the growing and popular sport of inline hockey.”

The lion and shield combination logo feature on the front of the new home and away jerseys designed for Great Britain by Rhino Sports of Sheffield. The lion logo on its own also features on the shoulder lapel of the dynamic new jersey design alongside the principle sponsors of the GB Team, Red and D-Line.

The traditional style jerseys come in a white “home” and “blue” away colour schemes with the union flag colours appearing in various parts of the design.

“We’re really pleased with the Rhino design and believe that it will improve our marketability even further,” added Hawkins. “We have a stylish logo, stylish jerseys and hope that we can bring some of that style to the rink in the World Championships at the end of the month.”

The jerseys will shortly be available to buy online through a new online store at with jerseys priced at £40 in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. Initial inquiries can be emailed to stating your name and contact email address.

Great Britain open the 2007 IIHF Inline World Championships on May 27th against South Africa in the first of three group games with the winner of the group having the chance to playoff for promotion to the world’s elite group of eight. See for more details on the world championships.

For further information on Cr-Eative see their website at