Team Great Britain In-line Hockey

GB Hockey Clinics has launched it’s new Hockey Coaching programme. Our aim is to support coaches, players, referees and parents. We do this by offering services from team/club camps and clinics to our “Coach the Coach” and referee courses.

Hockey Skills & Life Skills

Here at GB Hockey Clinic we believe that certain life skills can be learnt through sports and your mental attitude plays a vital role in performance. We know that everyone has the ability to be the best they can be and we believe in absolutely everyone and will help them make a difference to their performance in life, sport and to those around them.

Andrew Sillitoe

GB Hockey’s Head of Development, Andrew Sillitoe is the founder of GB Hockey Clinics and it is his experiences and knowledge that has built the foundations of its ethos.

Sillitoe realised the advantages of self evaluation, setting goals and achieving them early on in his sports career. Over the last 17 years he has discovered ways to implement these life skills and help others to achieve their goals and how to make their dreams a reality.

This empowering ability enabled Sillitoe to have much success in his sports career, achieving professional and international status. He achieved a regular position on both the British team and a member of the Anaheim Slipjacks in NARCh Pro.

Today Andrew works with all types of athletes. He is helping those that want to improve their sports performance, empowering them to have a belief in themselves and enabling them to go on to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.

“I absolutely believe in every single person I meet. The challenge is not achieving their goals, but helping them realise that the goal is possible in the first place”

Andrew Sillitoe

GB Hockey Clinics

Andrew Sillitoe along with his colleagues bring their player experience from representing Great Britain in major championships together with a wealth of coaching and international knowledge.

GB Hockey Clinics is the UK's leading In-line hockey skills based training program and we believe we can help raise the standards across all age groups and levels. This will be achieved by delivering the best quality training and providing each and every player with the ability and knowledge necessary to improve their skills.

Why not have the National Team Coaches come to you?

1-2 Day Camps
GB Hockey Clinics is launching a new professional standard for the delivery of weekend coaching schools. Our Coaching team is available to deliver intensive Club and Team clinics over 1 or 2 days.

Our new programs will add a new dimension to In-line hockey skills development in the UK.

Learning in a fun environment will increase the ability to learn. It is important to us that everybody leaves our courses with new tools to enhance their performance and it is done so in a fun way.

Key areas:

• New Coaching Strategies
• Improve Shooting, passing, skating, stick handling and team performance
• Mental Strength
• Skills Assessments and Feedback

Cost: £750 per day = Expenses – Includes 3 coaches from 10am – 4pm


Clinics are aimed at teams that require an intense 2 hour session, perhaps to kick start their season or prior to a championship tournament. However, whether delivering intensive 2 or 3 hour sessions to different teams as part of a Club coaching day or weekend, working with different age groups at different levels, or working intensively over 1 day or 2 days with one team, the GB Hockey Clinics coaching staff are highly experienced in adjusting the training to meet the needs of the players and coaches with whom they are working.

As well as on-rink skills development across shooting, stick handling, power skating etc, and offensive and defensive play strategies and drills, the coach is also able to provide off-rink conditioning training and advice on a range of practice techniques.

Goalies are vital to any team’s success and should not be neglected in any training program. All the coaching staff can deliver specialist training to goalies as well as involving them in drills and off-rink sessions during 1 and 2 day clinics and camps.

Club and Team Coaches will also benefit from the experience of a specialist 1 or 2 day clinic/camp, with the opportunity to observe the coach in action, ask questions, learn new drills and develop their leadership and management role with the support and encouragement of the coach.

Cost: £75 per hour + expenses – one coach only

Coach The Coach Course

After years of popular demand GB Hockey Clinics is pleased to announce its new Coach the Coach course.

GB Hockey Clinics will be offering an open course packed with coaching tips, techniques and advice based on the wealth of experience developed by our coaching team during their own playing careers at International level and while coaching thousands of players

The course will run depending on the level of bookings (places on each course will be limited as the number of participants will be restricted to ensure a high instructor to coach ratio). The courses are held in different venues across the country.

The course has been designed for coaches of any level, whether relatively new to coaching a team and wishing to gain a better understanding of the game and knowledge of basic coaching and playing skills, or coaches faced with the challenge of helping a team of experienced players to improve. The course will cover communication skills for working with young people, establishing respect and credibility, planning sessions, devising drills, managing teams, motivating and disciplining players, offensive and defensive strategies, goal tending skills, stretching and fitness, and basic hockey skills coaching (such as shooting, stick handling, passing/receiving, puck/ball control and power skating) their skills and match play.

The majority of the training for coaches will be interactive and “hands on” with participants able to practice the skills they are learning. Questions will be encouraged and participants will be asked to share their own experiences and good practice. Written materials will be provided.
As well as providing training in a wide range of on and off rink coaching skills and techniques, the course will also give participants the chance to make new friends with fellow participants and our staff, thus creating a natural support network.

In addition, as part of the course package, participants will be entitled to seek advice and guidance from Andrew Sillitoe when they come to put what they have learned into practice back home.

Referee Courses

One of the most effective methods of educating officials is through clinics staffed by instructors trained by GB Hockey. These clinics range from 4-6 hours in length and include both classroom sessions as well as on-surface sessions.

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