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News article "GB Strikes Gold in Inline Worlds"

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2011 WC Honours two GB Players

Great Britain players James Tanner (Netminder) and John Dolan (Forward) were voted the best division 1 players for their postion by the IIHF directorate, this is a great honour but not a suprise James Tanners save percentage was 91.30% with a goals against average of 2 per game. John Dolan's award is no surprise either he entered this championship with a GB record of 114 points and during the championship he added another 18 points scoring 11 goals and 7 assists.

James Tanner was also awarded his team most valubale player of the championships.

2011 WC Div 1 Final 25/6/2011

Great Britain 3 V Hungary 2

Great Britain win final against Hungary and promation to Pool A

2011 WC Game 5 Semi Finals 24/6/2011

Great Britain 12 - Austrailia 3

Great Britain skate to comfortable win against Austrilia

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2011 WC Game 4 Quarter Finals 23/6/2011

Great Britain 12 - Argentina 0

Great Britain cruise to comfortable win against last minute Japan replacements Argentina

2011 WC Game 3 - 21/6/2011 @ 13.00

Great Britain 7 - South Africa 0

Great Britain skate to a comfortable win to finish their preliminary group games.

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2011 WC Game 2 - 20/6/2011 @ 17.00

Great Britain 7 - Austria 3

Great Britain win second game of preliminary round against an old foe

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2011 WC Game 1 - 19/6/2011 @ 13.00

Great Britain 6 -Australia 1

Great Britain start with a comfortable win against Australia

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