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 20.05.07 @ 16:11:40 by gbinlinehockey
World Championship Preparations Begin

Seven days to go and its time to get serious... ok maybe not too serious but here goes.

The purpose of this blog will be to keep players, their families and friends informed of the progress of the Great Britain Inline Hockey team at the International Ice Hockey Federation Inline World Championships and to post messages of support.

The IIHF In-Line World Championships are the ultimate test in In-Line hockey. Organised by the International Ice Hockey Federation ( ), the world's governing body for ice hockey, the inline Championships have taken place annually since 1996 and the standard just gets better every year.

Featuring sixteen international teams from all over the world split into an Elite Division and Division One. Great Britain compete in Division One though if things work out we will get the chance to playoff for promotion to the elite group sometime around Wednesday (though we first have to top our premliminary round group and Japan, one of our closest rivals, will have something to say about that, as will Namibia and South Africa who join us in our Division One group).

Great Britain are the reigning champions of Division One and have won the gold medal in the division in two out of the last three years. Last year we beat Hungary in the final, in Hungary, on Hungarian TV having been trailing with two minutes to go. More about that later this week.

The Great Britain team is selected through annual trials from the best available inline hockey talent in the UK. Again, a bit more about them later in the week.

For now lets just say keep watching and we'll update this later in the week.


Dave Hawkins
Team Manager

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Comment from: simon hehir [Visitor]

Nice one Dave.
You are 100% commited and alot of credit has to go to you for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes, making it alot easier for all the players.
Keep up the good work, not long now!
regards hairy.


2007-05-27 @ 16:59 · IP:

Comment from: Sharron, Peter Si & Nick [Visitor]

You have waited along time for this Remi - enjoy, have fun, take care ...and win x


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21.05.07 @ 22:27:13 by gbinlinehockey
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Making the Cut

Seven days to go until game one of the World Championships and from our point of view, the tournament can't start soon enough...

Preparation for this year's tournament began at the final buzzer of last year's final when we took home the gold medal in Division One. What worked in 2006? what didn't work in 2006? Well we won the Division One title so there couldn't have been too much wrong but for us it was another year where we can say we improved as a nation.

This year we knew we wanted to keep a base of players from that gold medal winning team and push on for promotion to the elite group of nations. We've got several debutants in this year's team - see roster here - and they should all feel very proud of their achievements.

Inline Hockey in this tournament is played four skaters and a goalie against four skaters and their goalie. Last year we took three "lines" of four players and one junior player to the tournament. The junior was there for experience, to train each day with more experienced players and to develop his allround approach to the game. It has served us well over the years and Stuart Brian is in his third year on the team having been a junior in 2005.

Last year eighteen year old Nick Avery came with us to Budapest and he impressed all the coaching staff with his effort and dedication to learning from the more experienced players around him. He'll be the first to admit that he learned a lot from the week. This year he was very close to making the final cut for the full roster and that's to his credit and shows the system we're developing is working fairly well.

One of the things we've decided to do this year is to bring two junior players instead of one. Thanks to one of our sponsors (the band redtrack - see their myspace at ) we had the funds to do this and we know that Mike Child and Kurt Waller will learn a lot and take this back to their club teams and help spread the word that there is a lot to achieve in this sport.

We're under no illusions, inline hockey isn't in the general public awareness, and its unlikely to ever be, however that doesn't make it less important to the thousands who play it in this country week in and week out. We're a pretty good team and there is a great deal of potential in the UK within this sport. Guys like Avery, Kurt, Mike Child, they are the future of the GB team and we hope we can keep that future looking bright.

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23.05.07 @ 17:37:23 by gbinlinehockey
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Team Selection

Counting down till the World Championships... three days until face-off.

Right team selection. Last post I wrote about the two juniors we're bringing to the tournament but to sum up: Kurt Waller and Mike Child - Kurt (16) is a rising star in the game and Mike (18) is more experienced but equally talented but will still benefit from the time he'll get with us in Germany. Now bear in mind I'm no coach, I leave that to the infamous Andrew Sillitoe and his coaching assistants so the opinion here is based on what I've seen. I play no part in selection and leave it to the experts.

Ok Goaltending
James Tanner - What can you say about TanDog. Ice hockey, inline hockey, pucks, balls, wrenches. You throw it at him and he'll get in the way. Plays all forms of the game and is still young enough to be considered a youngster (early twenties). Has been a big player on the team since 2005 where he picked up goaltender of the tournament. Quiet but very smart... oh the things he'll tell you about advanced aeronautical engineering...

Dan Wood - Woody was a surprise choice for many when he made the team in 2005 but he fully deserves his place in the team. He'll let you know he used to play with the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team but you can see why because he's a quality stopper and an allround decent guy. Has painted himself a custom helmet design for this tournament featuring our new logo. Now thats commitment.

Simon Hehir - Captain, Skip, game winning goal expert, penalty shot genius. He's from the northeast dontchaknow and he's been an ever present on the GB team. Leads the team, plays a tremendous all-round game and he's a police officer in the daytime. I won't say anything bad about him...

Kris Hendy - Looks remarkably like Val Kilmer's navigator in Top Gun, can't remember the name. Made his debut last year and brought a lot of poise to the defensive unit. Is probably one of the team's top poster boys for looks, ladies keep calm, but is a quality player. Listens and plays it simple.

Joe Wightman - Returning to the team for the first time since winning a gold medal in 2004, this guy has moves on the puck that only Jesus and Sidney Crosby could perform... ok maybe a slight exaggeration but watch the DVD Red White and Blue and you'll see what I mean. Plays ice and inline hockey and is a very chilled out guy. His dad let me drive a hired golf gti in 2004 in Germany, not sure if he'll let me again.

Alex Pearman - Making his debut this year, this Sheffield / Rotherham(?) lad is huge and comes with a good reputation. I've put him down as a defenseman but would likely make a good power forward too. Like several of the guys he'll be wearing some sponsored Tour Skates this year (thanks Magnus, Wouter et al).

Andrew Sillitoe - Player/Coach, genius hockey player, inline legend. I'm not sure if he's on D this year but wherever he plays he'll be effective. Loves the inline game, believes in its future and has been one of GB's top names for as long as most people can remember. He's also only 28... not really, 32? 33? Don't really know for sure, maybe he's like one of those elves in lord of the rings who looks late twenties but is actually 300. This blog is going downhill...

Aaron Shinwell - Don't mention the third line... Great guy, great skills, steady, assured, confused accent. Plays the game honestly and with a lot of class. We get along well despite an unfortunate comment in a press release last year.

Stu Brian - Disco Stu has flowing golden locks, is probably half a screw loose, but is a great character player who is as good on the penalty kill as you can get. Made his debut as a junior player in 2005, is in his third year on the team. Will also be wearing Tour skates.

Andrew Skelding - Rotherham born and bred, loves inline hockey more than most. Plays it in his sleep (probably). Has played the game in Finland, England and many other countries (you liking the level of detail on here). Will also play in the FIRS World Championship in the summer (two world championships? oh yes). Also likes equine pursuits.

Remi Moses - Another debutant this year who has been close to selection for a number of years. Plays the game hard and is a solid competitor. Probably one of the healthiest players on the team. Also wearing Tour skates... (enough of the Tour plugs?)

Chris Colegate - One of the stars of last year makes his second bow at the World Championships. Shares a house with Joe Wightman but apparently its all above board, hey its a modern world guys, anything goes... This guy can skate, plays the game at a high level and if he was a foot taller and three stone heavier would be a quality pro ice player (IMO).

John Dolan - All time highest scorer for GB, goalscoring legend, the only Scot on the team, top quality player. Has a good ice hockey pedigree with the Dundee Stars and has been a great player for this team. Scored a hat-trick in last year's final and was tournament MVP last year. No pressure this time then JD...

Jonny Mitchell - Another debutant who's only a youngster, Jonny has been a big name in UK inline hockey ever since I ran a story in Face-Off Magazine on him (good story, not written by me). One for the future who has represented GB at all ages in many associations. Will also play FIRS this year.

Right that should give them an ego boost and lead to plenty of ribbing for me.

For career GB stats see


Another post tomorrow...

Dave Hawkins
Team Manager

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7 games in 8 days

Its almost time to go. Several of the players leave tommorow for Munich Airport and an overnight stop before we move onto the town of Passau and our group for the World Championship. The Head Coach, Assistant Coach and myself arrive on Saturday morning (for me via Amsterdam... sadly for only an hour... before we are collected and taken to the hotel and then an evening practice.

Passau we expect to be much like Bad Tolz, the tournament location in 2004. This tournament has been held in Germany several times in recent years and each time it is run smoothly, efficiently and without mishap. For the players there isn't much time to enjoy the surroundings, but the surroundings are usually very picturesque. For the likes of myself and the team physio we'll maybe have a half a day somewhere to sightsee but generally its a lot more hard work behind the scenes than you may think. Its not half as hard though as it is for the players:

Arrival day, pretty easy but an evening practice.
Sunday, early start, morning practice for 1/2 hour, lunch, downtime, then a game (v South Africa at 4pm)
Monday, early start, morning practice for 1/2 hour, lunch, downtime then a game (v Namibia)
Tuesday, as above, v Japan
Wednesday, if top of the group featuring the three above teams then we'll play for promotion (thats right, practice then a game, although in the last two years we skipped the practice)
Thursday, quarterfinals
Friday, semi-finals
Saturday, finals.

All things going well 7 games in 8 days. Now that isnt easy.

Personally I'm looking forward to seeing Passau. Looks nice from the photos and it'll be good for a tan. The only downside being that we'll miss the cricket...

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2007-05-24 @ 22:58 · IP:

Comment from: skip2468 [Member]

Could be worse - 8 games in 7 days - lol

The very best of Kiwi Luck regardless.

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26.05.07 @ 19:42:09 by gbinlinehockey
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Arrivals - late and not

Ok so the good news is that we're all here for the World Championships. Some of us later than others. Dan Wood, sitting next to me as I write this, has endured the day of days.

"Its been shocking," says the Cardiff slinger, "From 3am until midnight tonight I'll have been on the road."

Woody was stuck in Heathrow chaos (is there anything else at Heathrow) with his flight cancelled and a 5am flight turning into a 4pm flight. We're now sat in the VIP lounge in Landschut watching Germany spank the Czech Republic. Landschut is one of the two centres for this world tournament, the other, where our hotel room is, is another hour and forty five minutes away and our bus goes at the end of this game. We're tired, grouchy but we're sipping free drinks and food so it can't all be bad...

How did I get here? Well management have delegate and organisational meetings so thats why i'm here. Woody's driver was told to bring him here and then he'd catch the arranged bus with me back to Passau. We'd both rather go now, but the bus wont leave until the germans finish off the czechs (who have one of the worst jerseys I've ever seen, although the german one is also pretty shocking).

The team? well they're back in passau having had an afternoon practice. Its hot, very humid, and we're not quite sure what cable tv delights are ahead. The team have brought plenty to keep them occupied on the multitude of laptops, psps and ipods. No books but hey this is hockey...

You won't believe it, but a quasi folk, country, pop band has begun playing behind us. Its like a cross between the dixie chicks and the monkees. Its a rather odd experience. The song i think is called never ever, and if i was naming the band I'd call them "one orange man and his no good woman". He is very orange.

Anyway first game tommorow. All being good it'll be victory against South Africa, however having seen the rugby score from tonight, you never know whats in store for a British team.

Way to go Kevin Pieterson and Ryan Sidebottom.

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27.05.07 @ 19:58:10 by gbinlinehockey
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GB 7 -1 South Africa

Opening game of the tournament today, beat South Africa 7-1. We'll update our website a bit later but for now here's the press release...

GB Open 2007 Account with Comfortable Win
South Africa 1 - 7 Great Britain

Great Britain opened their account at the 2007 International Ice Hockey Federation In-Line World Championship in Passau, Germany with a comfortable 7-1 win against tournament minnows South Africa. John Dolan scored a hat-trick and additional goals from Chris Colegate, who also bagged three assists, Kris Hendy, Aaron Shinwell and Joe Wighman helped GB to an easy win in their group opener.

Period scores of 3-0, 2-0, 1-1 and 1-0 hid the true nature of this encounter which was dominated by the British with GB goalie James Tanner barely seeing the puck, spending long periods watching the play at the other end of the rink.

Dolan, GB's all time record scorer, took his international tally to forty-four goals in 27 games and his line featuring Colegate, Simon Hehir and Player-coach Andrew Sillitoe accounted for four of the seven GB goals. Nottingham Rollersnakes' Colegate assisted on each of Dolan's strikes.

Rarely in trouble, GB coasted to a 3-0 first period leave after Kris Hendy opened the scoring early on. Dolan's first, and Colegate's strike steadied any nerves in a GB line-up featuring five debutants.

The South Africans had clearly intended to keep the score down and improve upon their last performance against GB which was a 16-1 scoreline when the two met in Nuremberg in 2003. In this encounter they rarely ventured forward as they surrendered possession for the majority of the game. .

In the second period Dolan added his second on the powerplay and Aaron Shinwell rounded off a fine move to give the British a 5-0 lead at the halfway point.

Into the third period and GB began to give shifts to their development players Kurt Waller and Mike Child with the two almost converting a chance to score early in the third. With their foot well and truly off the gas, GB made it 6-0 through Dolan before Tanner was unlucky to concede a powerplay goal. Joe Wightman rounded off the win in the final period with debutant Alex Pearman notching his second assist of the night.

"Its good to finally get started," said GB Assistant Coach Jon Maw after the game. "We started fairly well and dominated but we know we can still improve. We can take plenty of positives out of this one: We were able to give everyone some decent rink time and everybody looked in pretty good shape but we know we'll have tougher tests ahead of us but we can take this win and build on it."

GB may not have been at their best, but claimed a result that provides a solid platform for sterner tests ahead.

Tomorrow's opponents for GB: Namibia; were beaten 6-3 by Japan in an afternoon face-off earlier today. A boisterous following of over 300 Namibians watched today's game in an afternoon crowd of over a thousand. GB's inline hockey players will face a similar atmosphere tomorrow. Face-off time is at 6pm local time 5pm GMT.

Final Score (Period Scores)
GB 7-1 South Africa (3-0, 2-0, 1-1, 1-0)

GB Goals / Points
Dolan 3+0
Colegate 1 + 3
Shinwell 1+1
Hendy 1+0
Wightman 1+0
Hehir 0+2
Pearman 0+2
Sillitoe 0+1

Group Standings
Pool D
Team Pld W L GF GA Pts
Great Britain 1 1 0 7 1 3
Japan 1 1 0 6 3 3
Namibia 1 0 1 3 6 0
South Africa 1 0 1 1 7 0
For stats and other information see

GB Official Website

Official Sponsor

I'll write some more about it later. Funniest thing was captain Simon Hehir being hit by a flying sandwich from a drunken Namibian fan. You can tell he's getting old because he was too slow to duck out of the way...

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27.05.07 @ 20:07:00 by gbinlinehockey


Thanks to Rollo for noting the clever misspelt link... all fixed. Roll on Namibia

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28.05.07 @ 21:06:41 by gbinlinehockey

Ouch... 7-2 v Namibia

Late night for me last night with statistics and PR stuff to do, so I'll get on later to give you some more behind the scenes stuff. For now here's todays game report from another win. Big game tomorrow....

28th March 2007
IIHF In-Line Team Great Britain
2007 Main Sponsors: Red Track
Gold Sponsor :D- Line (Europe) Ltd
Silver Sponsors: Revision Hockey / Tour Hockey / The Hockey Stop

GB Crush Namibia
Great Britain 7-2 Namibia

Great Britain scored seven times in a second successive game as they cruised past Namibia in their second game at the 2007 International Ice Hockey Federation In-Line World Championship in Passau winning by a margin of 7-2. Dundee Stars forward John Dolan scored his second hat-trick in two days while GB captain Simon Hehir of the Durham Inline Hockey club tallied five assists as GB's first line dominated, scoring six of seven goals, four of which came on the powerplay.

After a scoreless first period, GB came out of the blocks in the second period with five goals. Dolan opened the account helped by line mate Chris Colegate before Namibia tied the game on the powerplay, but unanswered goals from Aaron Shinwell, Colegate (2) and Andrew Sillitoe gave the British a comfortable lead.

In the third period Dolan added his second on the powerplay for 6-1 before Namibia scored at the end of a GB penalty kill. Dolan added his third in the final period as GB dominated possession and scoring chances. Dan Wood, starting in the GB net played a solid game and was screened for both Namibian goals.

"We're still improving as a team and we looked pretty good tonight," said GB Player-coach Sillitoe. "We still have some things to work on but we are where we want to be."

Today's win sets up a group decider against Japan tomorrow for the right to playoff for Elite division promotion (face-off 4pm local time, 3pm GMT). "We have a good rivalry with Japan," added Sillitoe, "We've played them several times in the last few years so we're familiar with them and they're familiar with us. The games between us are always pretty close and we'll need to continue our improvement to top the group and try for promotion."

In todays other Group D encounter Japan beat South Africa 5-3.

Final Score (Period Scores)
GB 7-2 Namibia (0-0, 5-1, 1-1, 1-0)

GB Goals / Points
Dolan 3+2
Colegate 2 + 2
Shinwell 1+0
Sillitoe 1+0
Hehir 0+5
Moses 0+1

Hendy 1+0
Wightman 1+0

Group Standings
Pool D
Team Pld W L GF GA Pts
Great Britain 2 2 0 14 3 6
Japan 2 2 0 11 6 6
Namibia 2 0 2 5 13 0
South Africa 2 0 2 4 12 0
For stats and other information see

GB Official Website

Official Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

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29.05.07 @ 00:21:29 by gbinlinehockey


Another late night entry for the GB blog.

Today saw us beat Namibia 7-2 reasonably comfortably. Last year we beat them by just the one goal in the group round but we played really poorly that day and we have much improved since then. Today we looked good, controlled the game and everything ran pretty smoothly.

We had a birthday in the camp today, James Tanner, who recieved a box of chocolates from our team host, and plenty of ribbing from the rest of the boys. He's one of the great guys on this team, honest, dedicated to his craft and a real team player. We started with our other goalie today Dan Wood and Tanner, being Tanner, has nothing but encouragement for his counterpart. On the bench during the game Tandog never says anything negative, even if a situation calls for it, he remains focused on positives and never stops encouraging his teammates. We are lucky to have him on this team but he's typical of the characters in the lineup.

We have sixteen players here in this World Championship and they have all said how much they're enjoying themselves, and lets be honest, it helps that we've won both games we've played and are looking like medal contenders in Division One of this tournament. But generaly things have gone according to plan but the real tests of our calibre are to come. We play Japan tommorow for the right to top our qualification group and playoff against the bottom team from the Elite Division above, probably Austria. I won't talk about the prospect of playing for promotion as we have to give respect to Japan who are a very good hockey team. Like ourselves they should be medal contenders (and their coach is a really decent guy).

It'll be a good game and if we work as hard as we can and play to our capabilities then we can win. Our fate is in our own hands as it were, though so was Sheffield United's and how did that turn out for them? (season ticket holder here, still gutted).

Several of the player's families are in attendance at the rink: the Wightmans, the Mitchells and today the Colegate family arrived (unbeknown to the player). That was a really nice touch and Chris seemed really pleased that they came out here. We hope that back home the other families are watching our progress and cheering us on and certainly our website and blog hits suggest they are, so thanks readers!

One of our junior players, Kurt Waller, 16 years old, has AS level exams when he gets home. Every minute he has spare he's deep in study, but whether its his revision he's studying I'm not too sure...

Oh and to clear up "sandwich gate" from yesterday. Team captain Simon Hehir was hit by a Namibian sandwich from the stands as he walked around the rink yesterday, not during the game... we're not sure if they were suggesting he looks a bit thin these dayss...

Well that'll do for now. Things are going well so far. Fingers crossed for tommorow

Oooh gravy...

We won 8-4 against Japan today which was a great result. The game rep and some photos are on the website but what really is more important right now is the clear division within the GB camp....

...some of the boys are of the righteous and correct understanding that chips can be and should be enjoyed with gravy (northern boys)... the southern boys believe that chips should not be served with gravy. I think we all know the northern boys are right, but it didn't stop the guys discussing this for half an hour at lunch.

JD has 49 goals for GB after todays game. Having raised the point I think its fair that if he doesn't score tommorow against Austria that I'll take responsibility for creating tension in JD's play. We played Austria three years ago and lost 11-4, but we have improved since then so who knows what might happen. Seeing as we played so well after such a trivial lunch discussion, I think I'll raise the topic of whether a cat would land on its feet if it had buttered toast attached to its back... now there's one for the rocket scientists out there...

Some of the staff think our coach may have an attention deficit disorder. Either that or he gets bored by some of us really quickly. Its probably the latter.

Plus points for GB today were first goals for Remi Moses and Jonny Mitchell. Both have settled in really well and are enjoying their hockey. I don't know where they stand on the chip/gravy debate.

More tommorow...

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2007-05-30 @ 05:28 · IP:

Comment from: tim margrett [Visitor]

fellas, its Tim your old physio. I'm emailing from new zealand and am pleased to see that you boys are doing so well again. always good to beat the japanese! good luck in the playoff- lets make it to that next stage. you never know, if you do i may have to make a return appearance! good luck fellas


2007-05-30 @ 09:07 · IP:

Comment from: Izzie [Visitor]

Andrew, Izzie is off to the holiday club for a special breakfast toast to the team's success so far. Everything's fine and best wishes for the playoffs....JP


2007-05-30 @ 13:17 · IP:

Comment from: marlene [Visitor]

hey you guys, well done so far. wish you all the best vs austria tonight. good luck! but: i missed some of the voyager-team from regensburg 2004. greets to nick and leigh. ,o)


2007-05-30 @ 13:22 · IP:

Comment from: sillitoe [Member]

Well Done - great results - now for the big one - you can do it - you are the Elite.
Congratulations to Remi - hopefully your first of many.
Will be thinking about you tonight - GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.
It's great to be able to follow your progess from home but wish I was in Germany.
(Hope your sillyfoot is standing up Andrew!)

Best Wishes Mo Sillitoe x


2007-05-30 @ 14:36 · IP:

Comment from: simon hehir [Visitor]

Alright Tim, nice to hear from you.
You are missed although Jake is doing a fine job, doesnt get quite so close to your balls, im not sure if thats a bad thing!
One man is really missing you, especially on an evening. You know who he is!!!!
Take care mate, hairy


2007-05-30 @ 16:11 · IP:

Comment from: Natalie [Visitor]

Well done guys, good effort so far!! And all the best for tonight's game vs Austria. Tandog (who is an absolute hunk by the way ;)) asked me especially to cross everything for you all so I shall go and tie myself in knots! :)
Wish I was there to lend some vocal support and join in on the gravy debate!

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30.05.07 @ 15:45:25 by gbinlinehockey
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Bring on the Austrians...

I'm writing this in the downtime before we leave for the rink to face the Austrians for possible promotion to the top division of eight nations in inline hockey for the rest of this tournament and at least next year's preliminary round. To achieve promotion would be a monumental step for British inline hockey and something that was a million miles away only five years ago.

Ahead of us are a very strong team who have been a Pool A nation in ice and inline hockey for a long time and we are under no illusions as to how hard it will be. We hope they underestimate us and we get the biggest game of some of these players' lives but whatever the result we have already proved these past few days and the fact that we have been in the promotion game for four years running that we deserve a shot and are a real emerging nation.

Okay thats enough with the serious stuff. This morning Alex Pearman one of the new boys on the team had a really nasty splinter. Potential career threatening injury, nasty, gruesome and it was touch and go whether he'd need to lose the toe that was under attack. JC our equipment guy even got out a saw and Pearman's fear was clear to see. Fortunately the splinter was removed and Pearman was able to keep the toe.

The NHL 2007 PSP battle is well underway. I truly suck, and JD is giving everyone a good whipping. The dark horse in this contest is Mikey Child who seems to pick up a period here and there and win each time. Dolan versus Child could be the big one. Sony should so sponsor us.

We moved into the number one dressing room in Passau today after it was vacated by the Americans who are off to Landschut for the rest of the Pool A tournament. Hopefully we'll be in it for just a day. Czech Republic, Germany and Austria joined four Division One teams in Passau for the preliminary round and the Germans and Czechs also move on to Landschut today making way for the other Division One teams Australia, New Zealand, Hungary and either Slovakia or Brazil who contest the other promotion game in Landschut.

It really has been a strange tournament. Slovenia are usually one of the weaker teams in Pool A but this year they have an NHL goaltender (presently in the farm system of the Nashville Predators) and they have beaten the Finns and the Swedes, results that have shocked pretty much everyone. The Slovenians host next year so that probably explains them putting out a good team.

In Division One Hungary have finished bottom of their group having taken the silver medal in the division last year and gold the year before. It looks like the same team as previous years and they would be our opponents in the Div One QF if Austria beat us. That'll be one tough game.

If we win against Austria, remember thats a big if, then its an easy game against multiple gold medal winning powerhouses Sweden. Still, we'd be in a five star hotel...

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2007-05-30 @ 16:29 · IP:

Comment from: Woody [Visitor]

I am sat here next to Mikey Child, who after having just read this, has stated for the record "if Dolan wants a go, bring it on".

never mind GB vs Aus, Child vs Dolan is the big match up of the day.


2007-05-30 @ 21:05 · IP:

Comment from: Rollo [Visitor]

Oh Boys, just seen the result. So close....I'm feeling for you all.

You've all done us proud so far...make sure you come back with a gold now!



2007-05-30 @ 22:46 · IP:

Comment from: Mo Sillitoe [Visitor]

SO CLOSE - I can imagine how you're all feeling. Don't be too disheartened, you've done so well, we're all proud of you.


Best wishes and good luck for tomorrow.

Mo Sillitoe and Family xx


2007-05-31 @ 12:59 · IP:

Comment from: woody [Visitor]

I am officially going on the record to state that I am an Englishman as I was born in England with English parents. However, I DO reside in Wales an have been for the last 10 years. It is a wonderful nation with wonderful people, and although I may have become a Tom Jones fan over the last 10 years, I am certainly not a Charlotte Church fan.

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30.05.07 @ 23:56:52 by gbinlinehockey
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Defeat...tough pill to swallow but we move on...

Its now a couple of hours after we lost to Austria in overtime 6-5 to narrowly miss out on promotion to Pool A of the Inline World Championships. Sure the boys are disappointed but they should all feel proud of themselves because as much as it hurts right now, GB were by far the better team and it will only be a matter of time before we make it to pool A.

Right, now thats that over and done with we move on to the start of the playoff rounds and we want a gold medal to add to the two we have won in 2004 and 2006. Our opponents in the quarterfinals tommorow will be Hungary and it'll be a stiff test.

Sad news... Alex Pearman was struggling with his splinter wound so in the half-time break today he gave JC the nod and they took a hacksaw to the toe. We put it on ice and he's at the hospital now having it sewn back on(indeed I type from casualty)... not really, but we know Alex's mum is reading this. For a moment I'm sure she thought we weren't kidding....

Another great display from that "hunk" Tandog today. He's so hot right now... We understand his ladies are checking out the blog. QUestion is: do they prefer him with his long flowing locks of 2005 and 2006 or his newly trimmed barnet?

Credit to Dan Wood today, our other goalie. He focused the whole game on making sure Tanner's needs were looked after. People are saying I look like his younger brother, I think I'm the better looking one...

Simon Hehir took a trip to casualty after the game for some xrays on his ribs but we have been given the all-clear. I think he just fancied avoiding the postmatch meal and actually went to burger king.

JD scored his fiftieth goal for GB today (the first real milestone in our statistical history - going back all of five years). We asked him if he wanted the puck, he thinks we were kidding. JD is a fantastic player and is a constant threat and a massive part of this team. He also thinks he can take Mikey Child anytime at NHL. We're still waiting for the outcome, we think around 3pm tommorow we may have a result.

After the game today we had two team USA players outside our dressing room wanting to talk to us... thats some compliment. Our guys really look up to the Americans and we try to model a lot of our approach to the way that they do things (our jerseys look much nicer than their's though and we only need one equipment guy (the ever reliable John Crawley)). Team USA In-Line only has a registration of 500,000 inline hockey players so we think in a few years we can take them...

Right, early start tommorow. Hopefully we'll have some more pics on the website by the morning.

Did I also mention that you can buy replica GB jerseys at only £40? (see we're copying the Americans again...) If interested drop us an email at . We can put names and numbers on the back and here in the camp we can put money on how many 16 Dolan shirts and 22 Sillitoe ones are bought. My money would be on Tanner thanks to his online fan club. Chris Colegate also has a facebook site so we'll see who can bring the most new visitors to the blog...

If I said that I could sell a tanner game worn jersey soaked in his sweat would that make it more popular? Some of the boys think he posted the comment about him being hunky himself. They're just jealous... Kris Hendy seems really downbeat by it all, he and Stewie Brian were the poster boys last year. See the pic I'm adding today for the Hendy / Brian combo.

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31.05.07 @ 00:15:02 by gbinlinehockey


Those pics can be seen by clicking on the gbinlinehockey line on the left of the page. They're in the media section.

Off to bed now. Keep the messages of support coming...

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2007-05-31 @ 08:09 · IP:

Comment from: Karsten [Visitor]

Is there any chance that some pictures of the manager can be posted on the blog. I love the bald men and there arent many on the team, I also like the name Dave, is this short for David?

Many thanks in advance....

Big Karsten!!!


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31.05.07 @ 12:44:03 by gbinlinehockey
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Nationalities take 2

Don't you hate that. You write something nice and profound and then your remote t'internet connection buggers up and you have to start again...

Downtime right now as we get ready to play Hungary in the quarterfinal. The guys are upbeat and we seem to have put yesterday's disappointment out of our minds. The banter is back on and in the PSP war, JD has murdered myself and Jon this morning in the build up to the big one...

Speaking of JD, we held a little ceremony in the dressing room to acknowledge his 50th goal for GB. He didn't say much but we know that deep down there was a tear in his eye... he's so emotional...

Dan Wood's nationality has been cause for discussion. He lives in Cardiff and has a welsh twang to his accent. He swears he was born in Epsom but when Tom Jones' delilah was playing earlier in the dressing room I saw he had closed his eyes and was mouthing the lyrics. He also told me that Charlotte Church is his ideal woman and Shirley Bassey is the greatest singer of all time... He's so welsh.

To confirm my suspicions from earlier in the blog. Defenceman Kris Hendy WAS in Top Gun playing Val Kilmer's navigator Slider. We know this because Ross Rossovich (aka Hendy) last starred in a movie in 2002 - see for proof. This is the same time as Hendy appeared on our radar and began whacking pucks in sunny Sussex(??). We now wonder if Tom Cruise can skate, moreso because I used to really fancy Katie Holmes when she was in Dawson's Creek (she was 21 so thats ok). The other option would be to recruit Val Kilmer but we saw his conditioning in Alexander and he'd really be a liability plus he's not married to anyone hot.

We're the new fan favorites in town now that the germans have left. The currency in passau is team gb pin badges. Strangely if there's an attractive young girl she usually has a pin badge with the mighty hamster on it... must have bumped into Tanner then.

Its really hot again here but we're in our new number one dressing room. Its a bit chilly in there... I think I miss the portacabin and its outdoor veranda.

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2007-05-31 @ 16:49 · IP:

Comment from: Liz Hawkins [Visitor]

Just a note to wish all the lads luck for today's match and the rest of the competition- Keep your eye on the Gold!!!!

David this does not mean you have have another PSP so you can hone your NHL skills before a rematch next year with JD ;)

Liz Hawkins


2007-05-31 @ 17:49 · IP:

Comment from: jason wood [Visitor]

as dans bro i can say that we shipped him in to epsom from wales.

good luck guys

ps dan is 100% english


2007-05-31 @ 19:07 · IP:

Comment from: Rollo [Visitor]

Woody - is Welsh, and he loves being Welsh.

Hendy - that explains why he when shooting pucks, he takes peoples heads off!!!!

Still waiting for the IIHF to update the site with the latest result....fingers crossed it's a good one!!!

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31.05.07 @ 22:12:38 by gbinlinehockey

Disappointments and Flatness

So here we are, we lost, we didn't play to our capabilities and we got the result we didn't want. We are out of the tournament and whereas 24 hours ago we were a puck width from playing in Pool A, we are now only going for fifth place in Division One and have to fight against relegation altogether against South Africa tommorow.

It feels terrible. Those moments in the hours after the game. I feel bad but I know it doesn't compare to how the guys will feel. My role is to make sure that next year we are just as well prepared, improve whatever we can and make sure that everything that can be done off the rink is done to make sure that what happens on the rink is at the level we need it to be.

Things tonight didn't work and we lost. We take that, we move on, we make sure it doesn't happen again.

We start that against South Africa tommorow.

When we fall off the horse, we get back on. Skelding told us that... and he should know (love ya skel).

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2007-06-01 @ 11:43 · IP:

Comment from: Beleiver [Visitor]

Maybe next year some young players should be given a chance instead of the same team as every single year, look to the future. Obviously the type of hockey, which is being played isn´t of a high enough standard to go through to the next division. Younger players will be hungrier as they are dying to play for there country, but things will never change.

Good luck next year and lets just hope that you don't loose against South Africa otherwise that could be rather embarrassing.


2007-06-01 @ 11:58 · Url: · IP:

Comment from: gbinlinehockey [Member]

Thanks for the response. We understand your concerns however we are very positive about the future. The Austria game was the gold medal game for us and as a team we were deflated afterward. To emphasise a point, this was the youngest GB team at the IIHF tournament, with five debutants on a roster of 16.

Our structure will allow us to continue our fast development and no quality player will ever be overlooked.


2007-06-02 @ 15:43 · IP:

Comment from: Alex Pearman [Visitor]

i am 20 and one of the oldest on the team, what are you talking about, muppet!!

the teams average age is 22.6, how much younger do you want

I have also been amazing on and off the rink


2007-06-03 @ 21:01 · IP:

Comment from: The Real Alex Pearman [Visitor]

nice comment colegate !!


2007-06-04 @ 10:06 · IP:

Comment from: Chris Colegate [Visitor]

No problem Pearman......

Just a quick hello to all the fellas, although the results didn't always go as planned I had an amazing week, a great bunch of lads and some fantastic talent, there were some great performances out there and special mention to the new additions to the team who played out of their skin; Kurt, Rem, Pearman (it pains me to praise you mate), Mikey (backpost tap in) Child and Johnny M. Hopefully be seeing some of you at the Nationals in June and as promised I will be arranging the Nottingham Festivities in the near future......

A quick thanks to the Hawkman also, although not always aware of correct face off times but you were top notch mate

Take it easy fellas


2007-06-04 @ 18:34 · IP:

Comment from: Alex Pearman #9 [Visitor]

hi guys just want to say had an amazin week loved every min with u guys, we were so unlucky but hay im sure we will all be back stronger than ever next year !!

A big thanks to dave , JC , John , jake and Smiley you guys made it a great week for us all !

see u all soon

cheers colegate hope ya new friend comes in handy mine certainly did !!


2007-06-09 @ 07:39 · IP:

Comment from: Aaron [Visitor]

Lads - a great week of hockey.

Although our final placing didn't refect our performance, the playoff game alone shows the progress we made this year. We are good enough to make Pool A in the not too ditant future......Keep Training!

Thanks to Dave, JC, Jake, Jon, Smillee, Serbina and Nico.

Good luck to the Horse in Finland and Canada, and hopefully Tandog will make it home safely!!!!!!!!

See ya later!

02.06.07 @ 13:38:47 by gbinlinehockey

Morning after

Well we beat South Africa fairly convincingly to finish 5th but it doesn't come anywhere near to making up for the fact that we didn't pick up a medal. No team has a right to a medal, you have to earn it, but we know our finishing position does not reflect the quality of the team. People back home won't say that, they'll look at the finishing position and make their minds up that we didn't achieve but as I wrote earlier, we know we are an even stronger side than the one that won gold in 2004 and 2006. Never mind. We'll be back strong next year.

Yesterday's game was great for the juniors. Mike and Kurt stepped in and performed well, Essex boy Mike scoring twice with his only two shots of the game.

Today we barbequed at our team hosts' house. They've been great and it was really decent of them to put us up. The guys are now off to the outdoor pool to avoid thinking about not playing in the final.

Credit to Remi Moses who was named player's player of the tourny yesterday. Congrats also to JD who is on the shortlist for the tournament all star team.

More later...

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Comment from: mike child [Visitor]

Thats all well and good dave, but id like to go on the record and say i am not from ESSEX i was born in london. but the rest is true on what you said.

well played to all the boys out in germany it was a great experience and more people should get involved.

mike child

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04.06.07 @ 14:49:33 by gbinlinehockey

Back Home

Well we're all back home safe and sound. Two of the guys came over to the Hawkins house today to pick up photos, Skel and Pearman. Skel is off to Finland today to play a second season in Kuopio. Best of luck to him. I hear the riding is fantastic... (seriously Skel thats the last time ok!)

On the bus on the way to Munich the big one happened. Child versus Dolan, rookie versus master, on NHL2007 on the PSP. The result? Slaughter. Dolan gets lit up like Christmas. Not just once, but twice.

Then came my turn, against rookie Kurt Waller whose only tactic is to try goin coast to coast. The result? slaughter! despite spending only two minutes in the offensive zone out of 15, I win 5-2. Get in! Seriously Kurt you got to practice. I was only able to beat two people on this trip and thats not a club you want to be a part of!

We'll wrap up the blog in the next couple of days and re-start afresh in the summer. Its been fun. I hope you've enjoyed it, and keep watching for more about what we're up to and what we've got planned in future...

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2007-06-04 @ 15:05 · IP:

Comment from: Kerstin [Visitor]

you're so crazy guys, but i like you so much. it was so much fun with you the last week. i hope to see ya all next year in bratislava, i'm going to visit you there. Miss you lots.
Greetings from Passau


2007-06-04 @ 18:37 · IP:

Comment from: Alex Pearman #9 [Visitor]

thanks Kerstin had a great week you were so good to us

hope to see you in bratislava



2007-06-04 @ 21:57 · IP:

Comment from: Susi [Visitor]

hey guys
you all were so nice and funny
i will miss you so much.
it was the best week of my life and it will be the best ;)
but: you know 2 people meet them always 2 times in their lives...
(if not repeatedly ;) )
have a great time at home


2007-06-08 @ 23:05 · IP:

Comment from: GermanGirl [Visitor]

hey guys,
thank u for a great and funny week in passau. we had a lot of fun... and thx for a really wonderful "last-party-night" guys. take care guys and all the best and good luck for next year in bratislava...
GermanGirl ;o)


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